The worst hotels in the world
Probably every hotel located in an old building or built many years ago has its own unique and rich history. But there are places in the world where the story…

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Attributes of a modern hotel
In the 21st century, the pace of life has accelerated, the quality has improved. Many concepts have disappeared from our lives, remaining only in memory. Others, on the contrary, appeared…

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The best hotels of the world
The choice of the best hotels in the world even for the most reputable travel guides is always complicated by subjective criteria. For example, Traveller’s Choice equally appreciates respectable Switzerland…

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Unusual hotels of the world

For inexperienced service tourists when choosing a hotel are important location, comfort and reasonable prices. However, there are more and more people who have white sheets and plenty of food in the rider, but they are far from the first place. It is for those who seek to see new, interesting, amazing unusual hotels of the world are created.

Top 10 amazing hotels in the world
Many have heard of The Ice Hotel in Sweden. This is a famous ice hotel. All items here are made of ice: reception, bar, lounge, beds and even ice plates. You can rent a room at the Ice Hotel from December to April. Dogs and snowmobile safaris are offered for fun.

The ice hotel

In contrast to the kingdom of the snow queen of the Swedish hotel – Magic Mountain Hotel in Chile. Reserved places in this hot country attract thrill-seekers, and the hotel, which is a fabulous mountain with many caves, seemed to have left the pages of the Lord of the Rings. True, the “caves” are comfortable rooms, but you can only get inside via a suspension bridge.

Magic Mountain Hotel

But the 24 rooms of the Poseidon Undersea Resort in Fiji are located on the ocean floor at a depth of 15 m, some of the walls are transparent, and leather and marble are used in the decoration of 50-meter capsules. For those who like to feel themselves a part of the underwater natural community there is an opportunity to feed the marine life.

Poseidon Undersea Resort

Another “capsule” hotel, only already built on land in Tokyo. Capsule Inn Akihabara is famous for its minimum room sizes. Each capsule room is made of reinforced plastic and has a modern filling (Internet, TV, bed), you can safely sit in the capsules … therefore, people suffering from claustrophobia will hardly fit.

Capsule Hotel in Tokyo

If you want to feel what the prisoners feel, you can settle in the former Hostel Celica prison (Slovenia). Lattices, thick walls, impregnated with a prison atmosphere, suitable for lovers of extraordinary rest.

Hostel celica

Another brainchild of the creativity of modern architects is Crazy House in Vietnam. “Crazy House” – a building made of reinforced concrete, imitating woven tree trunks, interiors of rooms in the spirit of caves with stalactites, here there are huge cobwebs, built of wires and a giraffe in a room for tea.

Crazy house

German Propeller Island City Lodge is famous for its themed rooms: one is fully decorated with mirrors – a room for a daffodil, in the other there is a “hanging” chandelier, there is a room with cells. For each provided instructions for use.

Propeller Island City Lodge

The Chinese hotel Tianzi Hotel entered the Guinness Book of Records due to the fact that it is the largest sculpture house. Three figures: Lou (prosperity), Fu (happiness) and Shaw (durability) stretch up to 41.6 meters, rooms for guests are placed on 9 floors of the building.

Tianzi Hotel

In the Netherlands, tourists can stay at the Hotel De Vrouwe van Stavoren and live … in a barrel. The big barrel from under the French Beaujolais is a separate room for two people with standard furnishings. In total, the hotel is made up of four such barrels.

Hotel De Vrouwe van Stavoren

The most extravagant thermal hotel operates in Austria. Rogner Bad Blumau – clean air and mineral water combined with wavy, multi-colored walls, assorted windows, decorations in the form of church decorations, in a word, a mixture of styles and not a single straight line – experienced travelers come to the delight of all this.

Rogner bad blumau

According to the tourists who choose such unusual places, staying in unusual hotels allows you to re-evaluate the problems and begin to perform the tasks with new forces.

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